Gifts and How They Influence the Efficiency of Company Employees 

 July 12, 2022

Corporate gifts are a powerful tool for solving many business problems. They can improve brand recognition, introduce new products, and grow the customer base. And they work for any company from a big tech corporation, like an online betting site in NZ, to a small business, like a flower store. But besides the external marketing, corporate gifts can influence the inner workings of the company.

Motivate for Successful Activity

Increasing employee motivation can be done not only with monetary rewards. Especially since a study by Ashley Willans, associate professor at Harvard Business School, shows that 80% of employees don’t feel job satisfaction, despite high salaries.

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This suggests that an employee’s intrinsic motivation to perform depends on more than just material benefits. It’s important to show a person that he is valued and understood. To do this, the manager should not neglect corporate gifts because they help to feel an important part of the team. And it directly affects the desire to work hard and achieve high results.


Besides, the choice of gifts instead of money is due to other reasons. First, the gift is a keepsake, and unlike money, it cannot be spent on unnecessary things. Second, cash bonuses can be embarrassing for the employee in relation to his colleagues, which cannot be said about the gift. If you choose a gift considering the interest of the employee, it can charge a person for a long time.

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Creating an Emotional Connection

Small gifts remind the employee that he is important to the company. And here, the gift doesn’t have to be material. The manager can write letters to their employees, taking the general message as the basis, and supplementing it with personal words for each employee. For example, start the letter with the words, “You are important to the team because…” and continue individually.

Demonstrating Recognition to the Employee

According to a study, recognizing the value of your employees encourages them to work. In addition, other Harvard Business Review research shows that it’s important not only for the well-being of individual members of the organization but also for the team as a whole.

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It’s important to think about when a corporate gift is appropriate and will have the right effect. Of course, it doesn’t make any sense to acknowledge employees’ work with words or presentations on a daily basis. Recognition from superiors is especially effective when a key event occurs.

Showing the Company’s Values

With a gift, you can broadcast your company’s values and core messages to new employees. For example, if you are an eco-friendly company, the gift can be made from natural raw materials. Or you want to show that your company is distinguished by innovation, then the gift should also surprise.


So new employees will initially understand what environment they came to work in and whether it’s suitable for them. This will help the manager understand who shares ideas and principles, and on the basis of this continue to build long-term relationships.

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Increasing Staff Loyalty

It also happens that there is a frequent change of personnel in the company. In this case, a corporate gift can be a good bonus for new employees. Such a kind of welcoming gesture, which will help newcomers to make sure they stay in this job and quickly join the team.


It’s important to use corporate gifts to encourage the employee for seniority or special achievements. This attentive and caring attitude will form a positive opinion of the manager and the company.


And finally, you can give memorable gifts not only to newcomers or employees with experience but also to those who decided to leave your company. It’s better if you part on a positive note. That way you show the whole team that each employee is a valuable asset to you.

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