How do I make a logo for a text 

 June 14, 2022

If the thoughts come to mind are Disney, Harry Potter or Cadbury You will instantly recall the words written in strange fonts. That’s how logos for text function, by expressing the unique features of the brand by using shapes, typography and colors. This type of identity is useful for branding recognition, so it’s essential in the initial stages of a company. Through this post, you’ll discover how to design an unforgettable design for a text-based logo.

What is a logo?

The word “logo” is of Greek origin words: logos – word + Tupos which means imprint. The word “logo” originated at the beginning of the 19th century, and was a reference to the combination of various characters in the typographic font.

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A logo is a symbol which includes stylized letters or images that represent a specific concept. Its primary purpose is identity of the company. Through it, the user can identify, recognize and then choose the company they are drawn to.

A logo can be the primary part of the image of the company. For the average consumer the existence of an emblem or any trademark belonging to a firm with a long-standing reputation means that it is a sign of the quality of the item or service. If a product doesn’t come with an image and is not a source of confidence. A strong trademark is the basis of a company’s branding. It lets customers know the kind of business they are dealing with and the things they do.

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How do you create the Text Logo

In order to create a compelling logo with text, you must be focused on every aspect. We will examine all elements of the design.


Criteria of choice

A brand’s identity is the visual representation of the character of a brand by way of colors as well as fonts, graphics and colors. So, the process of developing a corporate identity has to start with an in-depth analysis of the company’s positioning and business:

  • The business’s nature. Create terms or sentences that have a connection to your company. Examples include: welcoming, unique, concerned about the environment, and etc. You must identify who you are , and search for ways to convey this.
  • The audience you are targeting. Examine your customers’ profiles: whom they’re from, the things that they value, what motivates them, what their priorities are. It is important to select the right tools to effectively communicate your message to your people you want to reach in their own preferred language.
  • The identity of your competitors. Examine the logos in text of the companies that are in your field. You must choose fonts and colors that distinguish your brand from that of your competitors.
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Choose the right font

After you have carried the analysis out, it is time to select a design language. The most important role in the logo’s text is assigned to typography. Its accessibility to read and the way the brand is perceived is dependent on it.

Font type

Four font types are used in common:

  • With serifs. It’s a good choice for brands looking to emphasise the status, tradition, professionalism or the prestige (Tiffany, Rolex, Gucci);
  • Sans serifs. It is employed by the majority of brands. It is simple to use on any device and in any size.
  • Handwritten. They are utilized in projects that are creative, as well as companies that deal with health and home improvement. By using handwritten fonts, a brand can communicate with its customers and convey an image of warmth and openness (Barbie, Walgreens, Cadbury);
  • Creative typography. It is often chosen by businesses who wish to show their uniqueness and make their mark in the marketplace (Disney, The New York Times, Harry Potter).
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Most fonts are available in various styles. For instance, regular bold, bold, direct or italic, direct, etc. Select the one that best effectively conveys the essence of the brand and the concept. You should think about how you’ll compose the word such as capital letters lower case letters, or a combination of the two.


Be attentive to kerning which is the process of changing letter distance. While the distances between them remain the same due to the specificities of the letters and form combinations, it can appear that the distance is too wide or too small. In these instances the distance is adjusted manually to ensure that the inscription is harmonious and does not make it difficult to read.

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Check that the font in the font you choose is visible even in low resolution. The logo should be visible even on small-sized medialike an office card or a plate on the signature of an email.

We pick the color

Like fonts, color has a major impact on how your brand is noticed by its people who will be using it. When selecting a color is important to consider this. For instance red symbolizes energy and strength blue is associated brings calm and confidence The black and white palette is associated are characterized by luxury and elegance.

It is possible to mix several shades. This will add character to the brand’s identity. An example of this can be found in Google’s logo. Google logo. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds including black, white and color.

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Graphic effects and form

The main feature of the logo may be something different from standard graphics or games with an element of. There are a few options:

  • Replace the letter by an image. Select a symbol that is related to your business. For instance, Pixar has substituted “I” with a lamp;
  • Consider different spellings. Include a unique element that stands above the other row and draw attention. Like, for instance, the large “A” in Braun;
  • Fill in the application form. It is possible to place an inscription in the form. An example of this is IKEA;
  • Break into lines. This technique is ideal for businesses with simple and brief names. The name must be legible. For instance, Uniqlo divided the name into two lines, which formed the shape of a square. In addition, Miniso did not just break the word and included a smiley smiley at the close.
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A well-designed text logo will allow you to express an essence for your company’s identity in a straightforward manner. The customer will easily remember the logo and be able to recognize the logo when they look it up repeatedly. Be attentive to every aspect and you will be successful for you. We wish you good luck!

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