S.N. Behrman Net Worth
February 28, 2023


S.N. Behrman was a prominent American playwright, screenwriter, and essayist during the early 20th century. He is best known for his plays, which often dealt with romantic relationships and social themes. But how much was he worth? In this article, we will be exploring the untold fortune of this renowned writer.

Early Life and Career

Born on June 9, 1893, in Worcester, Massachusetts, Behrman was the son of a successful clothing manufacturer. He attended Harvard University but dropped out after two years to pursue his literary career. He began writing for newspapers and magazines before moving to New York and becoming involved in the theatrical scene. His first play, “The Second Man,” was produced in 1927 and received critical acclaim.

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Success as a Playwright

Behrman went on to have a successful career as a playwright, with plays such as “No Time for Comedy,” “Rain from Heaven,” and “Jacobowsky and the Colonel.” Many of his plays were adapted for film and television, further increasing his wealth and success. He won the Tony Award for Best Play for “A Life in the Sun” in 1955.

Screenwriting Career

In addition to his success as a playwright, Behrman also had a flourishing career as a screenwriter. He worked on numerous films, including “Anna Karenina,” “The Pirate,” and “The North Star.” He was nominated for an Academy Award for his screenplay for “Quo Vadis” in 1951.

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Other Writing

Behrman was also a talented essayist and wrote for various magazines and newspapers throughout his career. His essays covered a variety of topics, from literature to politics.

Net Worth

It is difficult to determine exactly how much Behrman was worth, as there is limited information available. However, it is estimated that at the time of his death in 1973, his estate was valued at around $1 million.

Legacy and Impact

Behrman’s work continues to be performed and studied today, and he remains an influential figure in American theater and literature. His plays are often produced in regional theaters and schools, and his influence can be seen in the work of contemporary playwrights.

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Personal Life

Behrman was married twice and had two children. He was known for his wit and charm and had many famous friends, including writers Dorothy Parker and Truman Capote.


S.N. Behrman was a prolific writer who left a significant impact on American theater and literature. While his exact net worth may be difficult to determine, his wealth and success were undoubtedly significant. His legacy continues to be felt today through his works and the influence he had on later generations of writers.


Q: Did S.N. Behrman win any awards?

A: Yes, he won the Tony Award for Best Play in 1955 for “A Life in the Sun.”

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Q: What was Behrman’s first produced play?

A: Behrman’s first produced play was “The Second Man,” which premiered in 1927.

Q: Did Behrman ever write for television?

A: Yes, he wrote for television and adapted some of his plays for the medium.

Q: How did Behrman’s personal relationships influence his writing?

A: Behrman’s relationships, particularly his first marriage, were often reflected in his plays, which frequently dealt with romantic relationships and social themes.

Q: What is Behrman’s most famous play?

A: Behrman’s most famous play is arguably “No Time for Comedy,” which was later adapted into a film.


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