Lighten Stretch Marks Naturally With Raw Acacia Honey 

 June 19, 2022

Stretch marks, also called striae, happen when the skin shape changes quickly because of development or weight gain. For the most part, they are definitely not a sign of worry for their well-being.

Anybody can have stretch marks, no matter male or female. However, pregnancy, puberty, and body toning are the most conditions in life that lead to stretch marks. In the starting phase, stretch marks usually appear as a thin red or purple line in diverse textures compared to the skin around it. Most stretch marks get blurred over the long run.

They might turn out to be less detectable after blurring. Blurred stretch marks usually look lighter in color than the encompassing skin and a little shiny, similar to a scar. Not every person fosters these narrow bands on the skin. Changes in hormone levels play a role in occurrence of such marks. One may also have a higher risk if people in the family get stretch marks.

The skin is the body’s biggest organ. It is elastic and intended to stretch and contract as per the body’s requirements. However, when the skin is made to extend beyond regular use, the dermis (center) layer of the skin tears, and it leaves lines and scars on the skin, ordinarily known as stretch marks. This permits hidden blood vessels to appear on the other side, leaving behind the clear red or purplish imprints.

After some time, they fade to a white or silver-tone as veins heal. When they show up, the marks don’t generally disappear completely. Stretch marks are not truly painful, yet they can influence an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. They can be distorted in severe cases.

What Are the Symptoms of Stretch Marks?

New stretch marks might feel somewhat itchy & bumpy. These rippled lines in the skin come in various tones. They get dull from red to blue to more slender, pale streaks after some time. These marks usually appear –

  • Arms
  • Breasts
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Stomach
  • Hips

Rare health conditions such as Marfan’s syndrome, Ehlers Danlos, Cushing’s syndrome, and other adrenal gland disorders are also responsible for stretch marks. In such health conditions, the body produces an excessive amount of the hormone cortisol leading to the appearance of stretch marks. In Marfan syndrome, a fault gene makes the body’s skin and connective tissues powerless, diminishing their versatility and subsequently increasing the chances of developing stretch marks.

Specialists have pursued tracking down a successful treatment for these imprints for quite a long time. But, sadly, no treatment has been done to remove them altogether. Better approaches for treating stretch marks are arising, in any case, and some of them show guarantee. However, as it is impossible to get rid entirely of such marks, a home remedy such as Acacia honey is known to be effective in this case.

How does Acacia Honey help Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Honey is perhaps the most well-known natural remedial solution that assists with lightening stretch marks. But, to gain the benefits, the honey needs to be pure and raw. Untreated honey holds every one of the residing supplements and integrity of honey, whereas supermarket honey has been processed with no natural goodness in it.

The honey should always be natural, certified, and free from added colors and chemicals. Natural honey comes from bee colonies sited in the areas where there are no roads, buildings, industries, or chemicals within a five-mile radius.

Raw acacia honey works more effectively in lightening the stretch marks in comparison to artificial chemicals, such as those found in skin creams and non-organic honey that can deteriorate stretch marks by interfering with the skin’s normal healing process.

  • Acacia honey contains a high degree of antibacterial properties, which can assist with healing wounds in the skin and advance skin cell growth.
  • Free radicals are solely responsible for harming the skin cells and decreasing collagen, causing the skin to lose its regular flexibility & natural elasticity.
  • Raw honey is rich in beneficial antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that assist the body in getting rid of free radicals and the damage they cause to the skin.
  • Honey is also loaded with nutrients, minerals, living enzymes, supplements, and great microbes that sustain the skin and assist it with repairing rapidly.

The topical application of honey on the affected skin area keeps it hydrated by attracting and retaining moisture. This thus helps in lightening the scars.

Recall that stretch marks are normal. In addition, the changes that cause stretch marks — for example, weight changes, growth spurts, and pregnancy — happen to many individuals.

There is no ideal home cure, yet the topical application of acacia honey can assist with hydration and advance the skins healing processes. For both treatments and medical procedures, more exploration is expected to clarify what’s best and who they are probably going to help.

For all those who are facing such an issue, opting for acacia honey is the best bit. Try now & see the results.

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