Team collaboration: why it’s important to foster it 

 October 25, 2022

Have you ever heard the saying “It takes teamwork to make the dream work”? This time tested maxim is true today as it was when it was coined. Also, according to Go Remotely, it is estimated that 75% of employees place a high value on teamwork and collaboration.


Team collaboration is a tried-and-true method for gaining superior perspectives and skills on any assignment. It entails a group of people coming together to brainstorm to accomplish a common objective,


In this article, we’ll discuss team collaboration, effective ways to promote it, and tips that can help you create a more productive atmosphere.

What is the difference between team collaboration and teamwork?

Teamwork differs significantly from team collaboration in that each team member typically has a diverse specialty and is subject to the authority of a team leader.

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You may observe an example of teamwork on the football pitch, where players operate in various roles and stations under the direction of the coach. To achieve their goals in football, they all cooperate. Thus, despite having a similar objective, each person is aware of and adheres to their job.


In contrast, workplace collaboration involves completing a task or project with the help of one or more people. In order for a collaboration to be successful, it requires effective communication and proper knowledge sharing.

What are the three types of collaboration skills?

Collaboration skills are the daily routines you might adopt to successfully collaborate toward a shared objective with others. They make it possible for you to collaborate effectively with others, which is collaboration’s main goal.

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Communication abilities, emotional intelligence, and respect for variety are the three typical categories.

1.   Communication skills

Since there isn’t necessarily a leader in collaboration—the leader is more of a guide than a controller—it is crucial to understand how to communicate effectively without forcing your position or viewpoints on others. You must actively listen to communicate successfully.


Moreover, keep in mind that verbal and nonverbal communication are both crucial. If you work remotely, then you probably use collaboration applications to communicate. In this situation, it is important that everyone has access to these tools, and know how to use them.

2.   Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a very useful soft talent in the workplace, especially in a collaborative setting. By definition, it is the capacity to recognize, control, and then react accordingly to diverse emotions. It is also the capacity to identify potential underlying factors that may be influencing someone’s conduct.

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3.   Respect for diversity

It is normal to expect that you will have people of different cultures and traditions in your work team. To be successfully collaborative, you must learn to respect people’s cultural diversity and call attention to behaviors or decisions that harbor a subtle form of prejudice.

Why is team collaboration important?

The value of team collaboration lies in its contribution to group problem-solving. In this situation, labor is distributed among the team members, allowing for a diversity of information, experiences, and viewpoints.


Tasks can be completed considerably more quickly, with increased inventiveness, and at a higher standard because of this variety of unique experiences. Studies have shown that employees who worked collaboratively were 64% more likely to stick to their assigned task more than their solitary peers.

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Tips for building a Team collaboration

Here are some pointers for creating a team that comprehends and practices collaboration:

●     Set expectations early

Because many people do not know how to collaborate, it is crucial to establish expectations early on. Giving each team member clear instructions on what is expected of them and how to execute at a high level is what setting expectations look like.


If you are managing a remote team, you can easily use a pdf editor to create a Teamwork PDF or Collaboration PDF file they can refer to during the course of the project.

●     Capitalize on strengths

Each team member brings a unique set of skills to the table in various roles, and it is important that team members are taught to capitalize on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. As a team leader, you should also let them know that you are aware of how their strengths can contribute to the development of a stronger team.

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●     Make use of tools

There are a number of online collaboration tools available that can be used to create group projects and share documents. These include Google Docs (users can also edit pdf online in google via the LuminPDF app), Dropbox, and others. Use the platform that is appropriate for the job and share files with others who need access to them.

●     Establish metrics

Each team member’s contributions must be evaluated according to a set of predetermined metrics.


These measures should, of course, take into account how well a team operates as a whole, not just the performance of a single member. Metrics are essential for ensuring that each team member performs at their best.

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●     Build team relationships after work

There are many approaches to forming bonds with your team members that won’t come across as forced or obligatory.


Some of these include participating in hobbies like hiking, going on weekend day trips, and attending events together. This is significant because it promotes friendship and a deeper appreciation of the various team members, ultimately improving creativity in the long run.

●     Keep communication open

When channels of communication are kept open, it helps to prevent misunderstanding and project bottlenecks. Thankfully, there are dozens of collaboration software including slack, zoom that can help with communication.

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There are also pdf free tools you can deploy to keep everyone on the same page. If you google edit pdf, you will find hundreds of options to choose from.

●     Honor collaboration

Acknowledge team members who are collaborating well. By doing this, you can boost employee morale and encourage others to collaborate more. Sending out celebratory emails after completing tasks can be a good way to do this.


Collaboration among team members will always accelerate project timelines. The key is to ensure that you have the appropriate tools in place to support collaboration and teamwork.


For some people, the google drive edit pdf feature is all they need to stay in touch with the people that matter. But at the end of the day, a full featured document management suite like LuminPDF will do a lot more.

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